All Workshops are an additional fee and will be taking place on Thursday 17 October 2024. All fees are quoted in Australian dollars ($AUD) and are inclusive of 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax). All Workshops can be registered for via the registration form.

Half day workshop = $180
Full day workshop = $300
Two workshop deal = $300

Aged Care Workshop

Time: Half Day PM
Workshop Organisers: DHAA Aged Care Special Interest Group
Featured Speakers: Gemma Collins, Dr Mark Wotherspoon, Shida Taheri and other members of the DHAA Aged Care SIG.

The workshop will provide highly interactive discussions on the latest practice guidelines for onsite oral health services to residential aged care facilities, followed by hands on practice with latest products used in these facilities.

Class II and Complex Restorations

Time: Half Day AM or PM
Workshop Organiser: GC Australasia
Featured Speaker: Dr RL Halili-Castillo

This workshop explores advanced techniques in restorative dentistry, focusing on Class II and complex restorations using fibre-reinforced composites and glass hybrids. It will cover the properties and benefits of these innovative materials, such as enhanced strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Attendees will learn about the clinical applications, including step-by-step procedural guidelines, case selection, and tips for achieving optimal results. The hands-on course aims to equip dental professionals with the knowledge to improve patient outcomes and embrace cutting-edge restorative solutions. Emphasis will be placed on practical approaches, evidence-based practices, and the integration of these materials into everyday dental practice.

Emotional Wellbeing for the Oral Health Practitioner

Time: Full Day
Workshop Organisers: Carol Tran and Dr Trudy Lin
Featured Speaker: Sarah Harwood

Join us for an enlightening exploration into the fascinating realms of neuroscience and interpersonal dynamics with our workshop on Polyvagal Theory and the Neurobiology of Safety. This interactive session delves deep into the groundbreaking insights of Polyvagal Theory, a cutting-edge framework that elucidates the intricate connections between the nervous system, emotional regulation, and social engagement.

Local Anaesthetics Master Class Refresher (Part 1)

Time: Half Day AM
Featured Speaker: Dr Greg Mahoney

This is a 2-part comprehensive workshop dealing with local anaesthetic. The first part will be a lecture and discussion on local anaesthetic selection, failure protocols, mishaps, toxicity, and more.

Local Anaesthetics Master Class Hands On (Part 2)

Time: Half Day PM
Featured Speaker: Dr Greg Mahoney

This is a 2-part comprehensive workshop dealing with local anaesthetic. The second part will be a practical session on different techniques using local anaesthetic training models. The workshop will provide participants appropriate strategies to deal with the pain control needs of their patients.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Hands on Course

Time: Half Day AM or PM
Workshop Organisers: Josephine Kelly and Ellen Clark
Featured Speaker: Ellen Clark

There will be a brief introduction to Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) including its uses, history and safety. We will also provide discussion around some of the more difficult conversations around aesthetics with patients and parents. We will have discussion time with tips and tricks for treating paediatric patients and follow up restorations. Participants will have the opportunity to use SDF on models/teeth and will be provided handouts and ensure every clinician is very competent with its use and cross infection control by the end of each session.

Whitening Technology Without Custom Trays and Designed for No Sensitivity!

Time: Half Day AM or PM
Workshop Organisers: Ashley Morine and Amelia Seselja
Featured Speaker: Dr Sam Koh

Join Dr Sam Koh for a hands-on workshop on Colgate’s Light Up whitening technology. Workshop will review whitening theory, case selection and how to use Light Up in practice.

Following a personal recommendation from world-renown Orthodontist Dr Derek Mahony, Dr Koh has been awarded with a fellowship from the International Academy of DentoFacial Esthetics in New York, and also holds a fellowship in Orthodontics as well as a fellowship from the Pierre Fauchard Academy in London.

Dr Koh is a proud founding member of the Colgate Advocates for Oral Health: Editorial Committee. He is also a KOL and clinical advisor for several dental companies including Kerr, 3Shape and ClearCorrect.

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